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Samaschool uses the Internet to provide low-income people with training that connects them to the digital economy. Our learning programs provide students with in-demand skills, resources and the support they need to be successful in online work and their careers.

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About Our Programs

Samaschool prepares low-income people to succeed in the digital economy by providing online and instructor-led training in high-demand digital skills. Our courses provide a variety of student supports including coaching and resources and our partnerships with employers and online work platforms ensure our training is market-ready. Learn more about the three main initiatives of Samaschool.

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Our Impact

The Internet is transforming the way work is done everywhere, and we’re dedicated to harnessing the power of the emerging digital work industry to improve lives. Since we started in 2013, we’ve trained 592 students across the US and Kenya. We have a bold vision to expand to empower thousands of individuals to succeed in digital work and achieve personal and professional success. Read more about our impact here.

Samaschool’s Impact

“I have gained more confidence in using computers, my typing speed increased, and I can now write a cover letter that goes in hand with my resume; and that is so motivating to me.”

Lucy Kuria

Who We Are

We’re a small team with a big dream to help lower income people all over the world take advantage of the many opportunities in the new online economy.

Our team